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All Weather Rattan Furniture

The beauty of rattan, with the durability of weatherproof furniture

Durable and weatherproof rattan furniture

Majestique rattan furniture is classed as all weather, because it can be left outside all year round.

You don’t need a cover, and you don’t need to store it inside during the bad weather. It will not fade, rust, rot, or go brittle when left outside.

This allows you to save time and space, enjoy your furniture at all times without having to “rearrange it”, and have it long lasting through many years of good use.

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What makes Majestique all weather?

The main properties of Majestique reclining furniture that make is all weather are:

  • UV stabilized rattan – this synthetic rattan is UV stabilized which treats it to not fade, rot, or become brittle when left outside.
  • Aluminium frame – this frame material prevent it from rusting when left outside in damp or cold conditions, making it very durable.
  • Hand woven rattan – the fact that this furniture is hand woven and not a plastic shell, makes it much less likely to become damaged and degrade outside.

We simply recommend you store the cushions inside during bad weather, to avoid any staining.

To purchase, you can browse our recommended retailers at the link below.

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